Month: January 2020

  • No-Knit Yarn Scarf ❤

    No-Knit Yarn Scarf ❤

    This was such a fun and easy project. It works best with a chunky yarn. All you are doing is gathering the fabric in loops and, keeping the loops tightly together, sewing a seam up the middle. This is what it looks like coming out of the back of the sewing machine. My loops are […]

  • Madame Vionnet’s jabot dress

    Originally posted on immatureindefinitely:
    I have a wedding to go to, and all weddings require a new frock. The wedding is Art Deco themed, which is wonderful (I love dressing up) and awful (I look terrible in shapeless dresses). I far prefer 1940s or 50s fashion, it suits me so much more. But oh well.…