Five Blessings In My Life

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Five blessings in my life. How can any of us pick just five blessings? We all have so many! But for today I am targeting those closest to me.

My baseball loving parents! 💕
This guy has been with me 26 years now. I hope I get at least that many more.
This sweet & smart girl was the first to call me Mommy. 💕
My baby boy. 😍
And I can’t forget this furry blessing! Even though sometimes I wish she would give me a little space. 😉

What are your blessings? I bet when you start counting them you won’t be able to stop. Stay safe out there!


  1. What we consider blessed is often the love that surrounds us and recognizing it in our loved ones is pure love.

  2. Thanks for sharing your five blessings with us! It is great to focus on all the things we do have rather than what we don’t.

  3. I love that you focused on your blessings and just being grateful about them! I need to do the same for sure.

  4. How wonderful to have 5 sweet blessings like these! It is so true, when you start thinking of all you have, the people we love most always do land at the top.

  5. You are indeed very blessed! And they deserve the mentions and features here!You are indeed very blessed! And they deserve the mentions and features here!

  6. You have a lot to be blessed about for sure. I hope they got to see this post and know how much they are loved.

  7. This is so touching, and I must say that everyone has its own share of blessings. And we’re almost the same, my immediate family is my greatest blessing. And we are blessed indeed to have a family around us who love and support us.

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