My First Computer

Write about your first computer.

I was overjoyed with my first computer. It was an HP and I got it in the 90s. I had taken several computer classes in college but this was the first time I’d had my own. Up to that point I had been going to my friend’s house that I used to babysit for to use hers. I was so excited when I got my own. It opened a world of knowledge to me. That was when AOL was all the rage and you had to deal with “dial up” internet service. Thankfully, high speed internet came along soon after. This gave us quicker access and getting “kicked offline” pretty much became a thing of the past. My first computer provided hours of entertainment. Back then I wouldn’t have imagined just how much they would be used today. Too much, in my opinion, but that’s a topic for another post…


  1. Thank you – This prompt gives me an ideal opportunity to post “a memory” on my ‘memory jar’ website (maybe in a couple of weeks time). Being rather older than you, my first computer was a “Commodore PET” (well it was my families really), when I was about 12 – 13 years old (1980-ish).

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