Camping is Fun…Even in Bad Weather

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Have you ever been camping?

Have I ever been camping?? I’m a camping pro, man! As a matter of fact my first camping trip of the season is coming up next week. We will be traveling to South Carolina. This will be our first time camping in that state, but hopefully not the last. We will be situated on the intracoastal waterway and I’m pretty excited.

This campground is more minimalistic. It has electricity, bathhouses with hot showers, and a few modern amenities, but it’s no KOA. There were no rv sites available so instead of taking the camper we are traveling with our tent trailer.

The maiden voyage in our tent camper.

So far we have only camped in this twice. Both times, unfortunately, we were greeted with less than ideal weather conditions. The first time (above) it was early in the season and we were having a lot of winds blowing in from a tropical storm. The trip was already scheduled so we went as planned but the wind was almost unbearable and the temps dropped into the low 30s. Not exactly camping weather if you ask me!

The calm before the (rain) storm.

The second time we took it camping was during what seemed like a monsoon. The picture above was taken when we first set up on a Friday evening and it was literally the ONLY dry moment of the trip.

On both of these trips we ended up heading home early due to the weather. This is a fun little camper, but it does take some time to assemble, so I am hoping and praying for better conditions this time. It will be so nice to relax and watch the boats on the intracoastal waterway, paddle around in our kayaks, hike, and do some sightseeing.

I can hardly wait for this getaway and I will hopefully come back with some awesome things to post on this blog! Wish us luck and prayers for good weather would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I’m not much for this kind of camping, but I love camping on our boat. That’s grand fun for us.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

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