Advice To Live By

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What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Honey, it don’t matter if it matches as long as it blends”

Linda Honeycutt

⬆️ Words that I live by ⬆️ These pearls of wisdom came from an older lady that I worked with at a local bank. It was 1990 or so and I was finished with high school and had a year of college under my belt. At the time I wanted to be a banker and this was where I started. Terrible job, terrible manager, and a few terrible co-workers. Sweet Linda was not one of them, and I probably tested her patience, but she never let it show. I was young, naive and would always ask her how I looked and if my outfit was okay. That’s when she would whip out those words of wisdom that I have now quoted more times than I can count.

Over the years I have used this thought not only when picking out clothes & accessories, but also in other parts of my life. You see I was barely 20 and Miss Linda was pushing 70. She and I didn’t look like a match, but we sure did blend well. She was a beautiful Christian woman who has since passed on, but her words stay alive in my heart and I’ll be sure to tell her that when we meet again.

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