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Praise Journal-Week 2

There are five parts to our weekly praise journal. We are instructed to write about one thing that “wowed” us during the week. We also pick a praise hymn, a praise scripture, the personal reflection (like I posted last week), and our own psalm. I am going to share my psalm for this week.

The sickness of someone close to you is very stressful and when you have other family members that struggle with their faith in these instances, that really increases the stress. Negativity breeds negativity and all that. Anyway, this is how I cope.

MyPsalm-week 2:

Strengthen us Lord when we are weak. Help us to be strong for each other.

Sickness comes into our lives and it tries to tear us down.

Help us to know that there is always hope in you.

Bless us with peace of mind.

Bless us with faith in you.

Bless us with wisdom to know that no matter the outcome,

all will be right if we put you first.


My praise hymn for the week: “There’s Within My Heart a Melody” by Luther B. Bridges

My praise scripture for the week: Jeremiah 20:13

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