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Praise Journal-Week 6

This is the praise song that I am focusing on this week. It was written by James Rowe in 1912.

He’s my King

  • All day long of Jesus I am singing,
  • He my song of joy will every be;
  • All the while He keeps my heart-bells ringing,
  • For His love is everything to me.
  • Streams of love around my soul are flowing,
  • From His heart love’s everlasting spring;
  • That is why my faith in Him I’m showing,
  • That is why an endless song I sing.
  • In His light, I’m going home to glory,
  • With the souls who trust His saving grace;
  • Going home to sing and tell loves story,
  • In the blessed sunshine of His face.


  • He’s my King, and O I dearly love Him,
  • He’s my King, no other is above Him;
  • All day long enraptured praise I sing,
  • He’s my Savior, He’s my King.

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