DIY funky jumpsuit??

Wow!  I’ve really felt creative the past few days.image

We thought that this funky little jumpsuit at Gabe’s that was super cute. We just didn’t think it was $16.99 cute. Lol.  So that was this morning’s inspiration.


I had my daughter hold it out so that we could estimate the measurements.


I had some fabric that I got at Hancock Fabrics on clearance for $1.48 a yard.


First I trimmed up the edges & cut the selvege off.


Then I laid it out with the gold at the bottom and the selvege end at the top. This eliminated the need to make a seam up the inside of the legs. I measured up the 18 inches and estimated 9 inches in on each side where my waist would be.


This is what it looked like after I sewed up the outside of the legs and on up the sides.


I made the front part of the top wider than the back so that it would have some drape. I just estimated this. Then I measured where I wanted my straps to make a halter type top. I sewwed them on and hemmed it around the top just to finish it but it really wasn’t needed. (My daughter wasn’t thrilled to be my model) Lol.


This is the back view. I think it turned out pretty cute. ☺

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