Easy Wall Update


I decided that my bathroom needed a little update and I thought that bringing out the wood in my cabinets might be nice. I didn’t take step-by-step pictures here but this is so simple. You could even do this in a rental because the “wood” wall is just contact paper (sticky shelf liner). This peels right off without damaging the walls. There are lines on the back so cutting it straight is no problem. After you measure and cut, peel the back off and place on the wall. It is very forgiving and can be repositioned but it still sticks well (mine went on drywall). THE BEST PART OF THIS PROJECT??? I found this contact paper at Dollar Tree. This was a small area so I just used 1 & 1/2 rolls for this. That’s about $1.50 for this project! I’m planning a backsplash project for my kitchen. I’ll take more pictures of that. Thanks for looking.

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