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Terracotta tile raised garden bed


This was a fun, slightly strenuous, little project.

20180320_123937I found these old terracotta tiles in the woods behind my Mamaw’s house. My daddy said that they were old drainage tiles that had been dug up years ago.


I placed them where I wanted them, then I moved them, cleared away the grass, and dug a small trench for the tiles to sit in. I filled the inside with topsoil, then potting soil. I also filled each tile so I could plant in them, too. 😁 Then I packed some of the old dirt around the outside of the tiles to keep them secure. Now I just need to buy more plants! 🤩🌱

Update: Yukon is admiring how our plants have grown.


One comment on “Terracotta tile raised garden bed

  1. D. Wallace Peach
    June 22, 2018

    Great idea. I did a similar project with discarded bricks. And look at your lovely garden!


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