Autumn is on it’s way to Tennessee

This morning was a bit overcast so I filled my bowl with Raisin Bran and headed out onto the deck with it and my cup of decaf. It’s finally starting to feel like fall. As I listen to Harper chewing on the crunchy leaves she thinks are treasures, a gentle breeze begins to blow. This is our second fall at this house and we are surrounded by trees. It’s heavenly. I know many people relate this time of year to dying, but I don’t think of it that way. I prefer to think of it as the plants taking a much-needed winter break. Actually, to me. the wind seems to bring the trees to life with their own special sound. It’s hard to describe but the trees seem to be whispering. The birds begin chattering incessantly. Perhaps the trees are speaking to them. Maybe they are talking about the smell. Things smell different in autumn, too, more earthy. I do miss something about our old house. The apple trees in the front yard. Right now, most of the apples are lying on the ground. They get chopped up by the lawnmower and soon begin to smell like cider all around. YUM. Why am I sitting around here when Lowe’s has apple trees for sale? Time to go shopping!


Harper, the leaf eater. 🐶🍂🍁

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