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Reupholstering a hope chest

I recently inherited a hope chest that belonged to my aunt and decided to pass it along to my daughter. We cleaned it up and found out it was in very good condition except for the dated fabric on the top. But a trip to Joann for some upholstery fabric, a drill, & a staple gun quickly fixed that.

BEFORE. 1970s fabric.
We opened her up and took the screws out to remove the top.
Top removed.
We placed the fabric so the design looked just right. Then we pulled it tight and began stapling. When we got to the corners we just tucked and folded like we were wrapping a present.
We marked the fabric on the underside so we would know where the previous holes were. Then we began screwing the top back on.
DONE!! We think this quick update turned out GREAT.
The back.
A Corner.

One comment on “Reupholstering a hope chest

  1. Arrow Fastener
    December 21, 2018

    Wow! We haven’t seen that staple gun out and about in a while. Thanks for using it for your project! #MadeWithArrow

    Liked by 1 person

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