April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 4, Staycation

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Even though a lot of us have been confined to our home for weeks, I propose that we change the way we think about it. It’s the weekend & I’m no longer confined. I’m on vacation. Okay, staycation!

While we are under stay-at-home orders here, we are still encouraged to be active outdoors as long as we maintain a safe distance from other people of at least 6 feet. So last night we kicked off the weekend by taking in a little bit of nature.

I have been researching some “virtual travel” options for today. Appealing to me on Netflix:

  • Moving Art – This show has 3 seasons with a total of 19 episodes. Each episode lasts just uner 30 minutes. Experience nature in locations such as Tahiti, New Zealand, Africa, and Iceland, just to name a few.
  • Tales by Light – Photographers and filmmakers travel the world in search of great shots. There are 3 seasons of this show. My son is a photography minor so we’re excited to check this out.

Moving on to Hulu:

  • Basic vs. Baller: Travel at any cost – I’m actually pretty excited about this one. Two brothers visit an area, then separate. One is on a tight budget and the other goes all out. This should be fun & very interesting. 1 season/10 episodes.
  • Up To Speed – An eccentric host visits attractions in the U.S. Informative, quirky, and only 6 episodes.

What are you watching right now? Drop your suggestions in the comment box. Stay safe!


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