April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 6, Breakfast

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Breakfast eaters have better focus and clarity of mind and tend to be healthier in general than those who skip it.

According to the National Weight Control Registry, 78 percent of people who lose weight and keep it off eat breakfast every day.

Why not make it your goal to eat a well rounded breakfast for the next two weeks and see if it makes a difference in how you feel?

Today’s breakfast was a piece of leftover quiche and a smoothie. A couple of nights ago I made a broccoli quiche and an asparagus quiche. They were both yummy. This morning’s piece gave me a good dose of protein to start the day. The smoothie was made with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, peaches, & pineapple. I mixed it in my Nutribullet with some filtered water. That gave me plenty of vitamin C, potassium, & fiber, just to name a few nutrients.

Do you normally eat breakfast? If so, what are your favorites? If not, are you going to try my two week challenge and reap the benefits? Comment below. ☺

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