April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 18, Discover Prompts – My something ‘new’, an attempt at Flash Fiction

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In response to today’s discover prompt on WordPress, I committed to writing about the topic “new”. Occasionally, I get inspired to write the next Great American Novel. I even participated in, and completed, NaNoWriMo in 2017. Of course I still haven’t gone back to edit and complete it, but one day… What I haven’t tried before is flash fiction. This genre of writing centers around stories that are 1000 words or less. It sounds like something new and challenging so I’m jumping in with both feet.

I headed over to Flash Fiction Magazine and signed up for their free Flash Fiction Crash Course. Like a starving man seeing food for the first time in days, I devoured the information, taking notes along the way. The story follows and I hope you enjoy it. Either way, feel free to comment below.

The waiting

Late October’s familiar chill was in the air. Wren sat on the park bench looking out at the softly moving water that lie in front of her. She loved the hushed solitude of this place. A breeze wafted through her hair prompting her to pull up the collar on her jacket. The fluffy clouds slowly rolled by overhead. Looking to the right, Wren could see they were beginning to darken. Lifting her knees and hugging them to her chest, she shivered slightly. Not really as a result of the weather, but due to the reunion she was anticipating.

Closing her eyes, she allowed her mind to drift back in time. Several years prior she had met Trace. When faced with the cruelties of life he was the one place she found peace, her only shelter in a merciless storm. Only he shouldn’t have been her safe place. She belonged to another, but now things had changed.

She had been in a dark place back then. While it may not have been so, she’d felt utterly and hopelessly alone. Their paths crossed seemingly by chance. He quickly became her confidant. While physically it was an innocent relationship, their hearts beat only for one another. As this became apparent to them both, they paused, knowing what was to come. Goodbye. She remembered looking into his hypnotic, soulful eyes for the last time…

As she now sat perched on the edge of the bench, she felt a stab in her gut. The pain felt just as raw as it had years ago. Her hands ached from the grip she had on her seat. Deciding she did not have the courage to stay, to see if their feelings remained, she pushed herself to her feet, bolting from the bench.

She was looking down at the leaves crunching under her swiftly moving feet when she heard the words, “Hi there little brown bird”.

She was paralyzed for what felt like an eternity. Heart racing, she looked up into those eyes. Still the bluest eyes she had ever seen. Her pulse slowed. He softly bent over to kiss her on the forehead as she eased into his embrace.

And just like that, it could have been 10 years ago…

Wow! That was tough. Anyway, I hope you like it!

Stay safe. ❤


  1. Wow! You write beautifully! This reminds me of my one great love from decades ago. How I wish, I’d see him again and look into his sparkly eyes, at least one last time.

  2. Your writing style is like music, a smoothly flowing river which paints an amazing picture as it goes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This was lovely! It really pulled me into the moment. I can definitely relate to the feeling – so beautifully written!

  4. I am intrigued to hear more about this! it has me captivated! It reminds me of the one I thought was my love. obviously not. but there are days ever after all he has put me through that I find myself yearning for him. i do not know why.

  5. That is quite the challenge to have to condense it to under 1000 words. That is a great exercise for sure!

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