April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 25, Dollar Tree Crafts

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Summer has arrived! At least it has at Dollar Tree. Working from home combined with COVID-19 social distancing means that I leave the house to shop only occasionally. If needed, Joe usually stops on his way home from work and picks up groceries. But I had to leave for an appointment and I couldn’t resist stopping at Dollar Tree. When you’re on their site be sure to check out their Dollar Tree Tips & Ideas Blog for lots of DIYs and craft ideas!

⏬ Look at all the new things Dollar Tree has for summer decorating & parties. Hopefully social distancing will be over soon. Either way, Buy Your Crafting Supplies Now at The Dollar Tree! and you can score free shipping to your local store. A luau party sounds great for June. July, of course, deserves a red, white, & blue party. ⏬

This is what I made so now it’s time to make another trip! There was enough garland to make 2 wreaths. I already had the metal wreath forms from a past trip. Their flowers look really nice this season. Tiger Lilies are my favorite flower and orange is my favorite color so I was excited when I found them!

It’s so satisfying to get something inexpensive and turn it into something unique. What crafts are you making right now? Have you checked out Dollar Tree lately?

Stay safe everybody!

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  1. Wow! What a great way to make use of your time during the quarantine period. And even when it is over, it’s always wonderful to create pretty things.

  2. I love a trip to the dollar tree and I am always amazed at all the options available. Your craft idea is so smart! Getting creative is even better when you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

  3. I have heard so many good things about Dollar Tree, especially from Crafters. Wish they’d open up a branch in my city too. Your Garland wreaths look beautiful 😍

  4. I love the dollar tree! I enjoy all the party decor they have! I never know what I’ll find there

  5. it’s definitely a place to go for craft supplies… I have gone there from time to time for little kid prizes. I’m a preschool instructor and sometimes hand out prizes when we play educational Bingo games, etc… the kids love it! By the way, great craft idea for the 4th!

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