Saturday Shopping

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It felt so good to get out with my parents for a little while yesterday. My daddy hasn’t been feeling well for a few weeks, which is concerning. He stayed in the car while we went in Ollie’s and Gabe’s. We got food to go at Krystal since the dining room is still closed. But I knew when I threw out the idea of stopping at the Habitat for Humanity Restore he wouldn’t be able to resist. He & I both love to prowl around in thrift stores to see what we can find.

But my best finds were at Ollie’s today. In my obsession to stop getting such nasty bug bites I came across some awesome finds. I didn’t buy all of these, of course, but I’m sharing for those of you who, like me, are loved by the bugs!

In my office at home I have my desk with my work computer set up in front of the window. I’ve been wanting some bird feeders to watch while I’m working. I found what I wanted at Ollie’s today. I want to do more to the area but this is a good start.

Happy Sunday, y’all!


  1. You had a wonderful Saturday for sure! I love your bird feeders! They are so cute! And the birds will thank you!

  2. I grabbed a few different insect repellant candles recently as we just relocated to Florida and insects/mosquitoes are SUCH a thing here. I’ve not found anything partiucarly great so far, so I think I may try some of these! Thanks for the suggestions!

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