Hail storms and motorcycles don’t mix

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Well, that should go without saying! We were out riding this afternoon because we weren’t expecting rain until later.

We made it home soaked but in one piece. 😁

After church we rode down to my parents house to visit for a little while. It started sprinkling when we were almost there and Joe wanted to turn around but I thought it would pass (yes, this was my fault!) We stayed until the rain stopped. It was pretty clear outside when we headed back home. But as we got closer clouds moved back in. It wasn’t long until we could see rain in the distance. I was laughing underneath my helmet because I thought it was funny that we were gonna get wet. Only it became PAINFULLY clear that it wasn’t rain when it started to hurt. A lot. I was curled up as close to the fetal position as I could get hiding behind Joe. It felt like needles!

Luckily we were near a gas station so we pulled off there for about 15 minutes until the hail passed.

This bike doesn’t currently have a windshield but it may soon! My poor husband was wearing his helmet that doesn’t have a face shield. I bet he’ll think twice before wearing that helmet if there is a single cloud in the sky! 😄

Stay safe (especially if it clouds up while you’re riding 😉)

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