Book Review: Agony Auntics

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What a cute book. I’ll admit at first I was a little less than enthused with it. It seemed a little too naive in spots but I kept reading and really began to look forward to being able to come back to it.

Ellie is a girl looking for help getting the attention of a guy at work whom she has convinced herself that she’s in love with.

Fliss is the advice columnist (agony aunt) to whom Ellie writes for advice. This book follows both of their stories.

Early on I thought that I had it all figured out which is probably why I wasn’t as impressed in the beginning. But I was wrong, more than once, about the outcomes of both their stories and the book in general. Although there is a little bit of drama in it, I recommend this when you are looking for a fun, mostly lighthearted read. Enjoy!

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