Fall at Fender’s Farm in Jonesborough, TN

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We had a Halloween mother/daughter day at Fender’s Farm. Here’s some of the fun at the entrance! Since it was just us girls, we took our time walking around the farm taking in the sights and taking random pics.

Paw Paw’s pumpkin patch had seen better days. 😜 But the sunflowers still looked nice. It was fun to prowl around in the middle and take random photos.

We walked from the Sunflowers to the back of the farm where the animals were. The tiny goats were my fave! A couple of them snuck through the fence and came out to see us.

It was a little breezy out & we had a good time but our bellies were growling and we wanted Chinese food so we said bye to the farm until next year. 👋

Stay safe everybody. 😷

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