Book Review: Near The Edge

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This book is a quick read and it contains 5 separate stories about different ways people have come back from the ‘proverbial’ edge in their lives. Each of these unique stories are satisfying in their own way

How far would you go to cover up a sin caused by your lustful temptation?

Imagine having a personal encounter with the supernatural.

Do you remember how hard it can be to do the right thing when you’re a teenager?

How do you deal with relationship problems?

But the most touching for me was the final one. We all have had tragedies that we’ve had to live through, but aren’t we usually consumed with how that tragedy affects us? It’s hard to understand how that same event effects others, especially if we don’t have the same coping mechanism. The final story lets you view it from many different perspectives. It is very enlightening.

At the end the author has added excerpts from two other books, one of which is an expansion of a character from one of these stories. I liked it so much that I’ve already ordered it!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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