My first Renaissance Faire

My daughter and her boyfriend took his mom and myself to our first Renaissance Faire for our birthdays (we both share a November 4th b-day).  His dad came as well. Joe had to work so he didn’t get to come with us. None of us had ever been to one before so we were all excited.

This particular one was held in Greeneville, TN and this was its fifth year. It was a small festival compared to a lot of others that I found when searching online. We didn’t have any elaborate costumes so my daughter and I did our best with what we had to try to blend in. All of us had a really good time and are planning outfits for the next one.

Some pictures from the festival:

Awesome music

So, if you’ve never been to a Renaissance festival you should check one out. It was a lot of fun with good entertainment, elaborate costumes (and accents) and a variety of food and crafts. If you’ve ever been to one before feel free to comment below about your experience.

Thanks for stopping by. 😊

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