Book Review: The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking was one of the first books to suggest that how you think can change your life. What a classic this book is. It was written in 1952, has sold more than 15 million copies and it’s been translated into 42 different languages. Norman Vincent Peale wrote more than 40 books, but The Power of Positive Thinking is the most popular. I really love this book, but I guess this is more a summary than a review as I am going into detail about a lot of what is covered. If you are interested in purchasing The Power of Positive Thinking for yourself you can go to my Amazon store here.

Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. This book teaches how self-confidence leads to success. Often we feel anxious and inferior and it causes us to become overwhelmed. Then we may try to put the blame for our situation on someone else. Negative thinking and feeling inferior makes us more likely to suffer from negative outcomes. To change our circumstances we have to change our thinking. When we visualize the possible positive outcomes that we want our problems will seem smaller and easier to solve.
  2. When we care about and like other people and they will return the favor. We all want to be appreciated and have companions. If we only care about ourselves, that attitude can make others not like us, but if we learn to become comfortable with ourselves others will be comfortable with us. We should talk about ourselves less and show an more of an interest in others.
  3. We should stop taking on the problems of others because it causes burdens and depression. Millions of people have the same problems, ours are not unique. No situation is hopeless. People have overcome every difficult situation and when things seemed hopeless they found a way to carry on. But, isolating ourselves and feeling hopeless will very likely lead to failure. Try keeping motivational notes nearby. If we try to solve every problem then we are less likely to solve any and this leads to rushing, tension, and a lack of concentration. Pray or meditate and learn to delegate tasks to others.
  4. Nothing is wrong except our thoughts. Our attitude towards our problems is what’s important. Focus on positivity and inner peace. Sleep is very important. Going to bed after listening to the news doesn’t promote restful sleep as well as reading the Bible or meditating before bed. Our situation is not determined by luck. Rather, our thoughts determine our outcome. Thinking positively sets up positive forces that brings along positive results. Whereas, thinking negatively brings negative results and can affect our physical health by making us ill.
  5. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Worrying is a habit that can be overcome and it should be because it is the source of many physical and psychological diseases. Stress from worry can lead to high blood pressure and shorter life expectancy. If we simply believe it is possible to free ourselves from worry We should practice ridding our minds of negative thoughts, especially before going to sleep. Fear, worry, and negative thoughts can stop the flow of spiritual and mental power. We must remove them before they have a chance to sink in to our subconscious. Then we should fill our minds with positive thoughts to replace the negative ones. Practice this every day to achieve positive change.
  6. Slow down our lives and be calm. Avoid overstimulation. It’s important to find strategies to deal with anxiety and stresses that are a part of modern living. Going out for a walk is a good way to relieve tension. Our attitudes are more important than anything. Choosing unhappiness will only lead to more unhappiness.
  7. Faith can help solve problems. The Bible teaches that we should avoid being angry and view others in a positive, not negative, light. Let go of anger and be positive. Prayer can help release negative energy. Stop imagining that the worst is always going to happen. Look for the positive possibilities. Every problem has a solution. When we expect the worst that is what is likely to happen. Negative thinking will hinder our ability to solve problems. We can overcome our problems by seeing the possibilities and by not focusing on negative outcomes. Often there is more than one solution to a problem. A clear mind stands a much better chance of finding one.
  8. Faith can heal. The mind and body are related. A combination of God and a doctor can improve our physical and mental health. There is power in the subconscious mind. Let the idea of good health sink into our subconscious mind then our subconscious will send forth radiant health energy. By trusting in a higher power we are more able to believe in positive thoughts about our own health. But we have to actually believe it, which requires faith.

If you have read this book I would like to know your opinion. Feel free to comment below. Have a great day!

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