Bloganuary – Faith Over Fear

What fear have you conquered?

Like I said yesterday, I was never a fan of the idea of getting on a plane. So, when given the opportunity to fly to Las Vegas, I had to come to terms with having my feet off the ground. There were a few techniques that I used to help deal with the fear.

First, I read a lot of articles on the subject. This helped me to understand some of the safety measures to ensure a safe and successful flight and eased some of my anxiety.

Because I spend too much time in my head anyway, I started practicing relaxation techniques. I learned how to take deep breaths, visualize myself in a calming place, and focus on the present moment. This helped me stay grounded (no pun intended) and in control during the flight.

As I often do during times of stress, I prayed a lot. I asked God to protect me during the flight and to give me strength to face the fear. It not only helped me to stay calm and focused during the flight, but I found that in the days leading up to the flight I began to get calmer and calmer. This, no doubt, helped me more than anything else. So we’ve had happy flights ever since, even with the turbulence on the way back from Oklahoma! 😄

I’m looking forward to reading about the variety of fears that have been overcome by my blogging family!

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  1. Nice step by step approach. Turbulence can be scary. My first flight was when we went to France as a church youth group! Crazy way to start airplane travel. Some of my kids’ first trip was to Hawaii in 3 flights for our Make a Wish trip for my son!

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