Bloganuary – How I Show Love

How do you show love?

Mainly I show love by looking for small, meaningful ways to let someone know they are special to me. If it’s someone I feel close to I will tell them I love them or give then a hug. Often I find it easier to do something nice for them. I don’t share big displays of love with everyone.

As with other things, I enjoy being creative. When I have time, I like to make something special for them. It may just be something simple like cupcakes or a handmade card. I love that feeling of seeing their face light up when they receive it. I also make sure to spend quality time with those I love. From long walks in the park to movie nights in, I make sure to make time for them.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how I choose to show my love. The important thing is that it’s genuine and heartfelt.

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