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What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

Occasional procrastination can be a good thing because it can provide an opportunity for reflection and introspection. When faced with a task, taking a few moments to reflect on the task and what needs to be done helps me to create a plan of action. It gives me a chance to focus on my goals. I can identify areas where I need to improve in order to achieve them. Taking this time can help me make more informed decisions and lead to better results.

But, on the other hand, when I spend too much time procrastinating, I become overwhelmed by looming deadlines. Then a feeling of dread can quickly set. Of course, this causes anxiety and I find myself unable to focus on the task at hand. I worry about how I’ll ever complete it in time. So I have to address procrastination to prevent these issues from manifesting.

To keep it from getting out of hand there are a few things that I try. I set goals and break down tasks into smaller chunks. I also use calendars and to-do lists to get organized and back on track. Knowing when to delay tasks and when to actively engage helps me to increase my productivity. This improves my focus to get things done.

What do you think? Is procrastination all bad or do you see the benefits, too?

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  1. Beneficial if something really meaningful with be gone from experience if you get on with what you are putting off, counterproductive if the thing you are putting off is more important to you. I think the key word is “priority”

  2. Great post. I agree with the feeling of dread and also breaking things up into small chunks. Lately, I’ve had to make decisions quickly and so there’s been no time for procrastination. I agree with everything you’re saying here.

  3. For me procrastination is all bad, but I keep doing it. I think I’m often tricking myself into avoiding being decisive by telling myself I’m carefully weighing options. On the other hand, I’ve gotten pretty good at getting things done quickly!

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