Photo Messages

The Lens Artist’s Challenge for this week is “messages”. I picked out a few recent photos to share that I felt were speaking to me. This is what they are saying…

Message: Keep following your own path even when it is uneven and difficult.
Message: Sometimes we need to let the current carry us along until we are strong enough to stand.
Message: We are rooted and grounded in love (from Ephesians 3:17)

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  1. Love your pictures and their “messages” – I am an avid picture taker; pictures capture images that often speak to me and many times this is some time after I have taken them and looking back brings a thought to mind that I did not have at the time I took the picture. By the way, your third picture popped this into my mind as a message: “your roots are showing” and I think that one will preach. So glad you are sharing your pictures.

  2. A very creative approach to the challenge IBC, I loved it and your interpretations are spot on! (altho I must admit I did smile at “your roots are showing” 😊. Thanks for joining us this week

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