Sembines Among Us

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Sembine – Another word for Martian.

Sit back and get comfortable as I tell you a tale that happened just a few short years ago. It seems a group of humans made the stunning discovery that there was life on Mars. People had long thought it to be barren and lifeless there. The Sembines had come to Earth on a mission of peace. They wanted to explore our world and discover what was new and unknown. Our men and women were amazed and very intrigued with these creatures who were small and wore purple jumpsuits and wide-brimmed hats.

Aliens are often thought to be creepy, but these guys and gals were very friendly and curious. They were also a bit quirky, always cracking jokes and making people laugh, even if no one understood what they were saying. Despite the language barrier, the humans couldn’t help but like the Sembines. They were farmers on their home planet and taught the humans many valuable gardening tips. The aliens were welcomed with open arms and quickly became a much loved part of the community. There are only certain places on earth that are occupied by Sembines. Their human friends protect them very well. I’m sworn to secrecy so I can’t tell their location. Oh….ummm…by the way, this is TOTALLY unrelated, but maybe you shouldn’t come by my house unannounced……

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  1. I wonder if they are related to the aliens who live in the walls? They take things, like your car keys and do research on them. You know the keys were there but now they’re gone. A couple of hours of searching and you suddenly find them in the exact spot you left them.

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