Hydrate Or Diedrate!

What is your favorite drink?

Free soda water with lemon

I’m usually not a plain Jane, but I like to drink water. It’s refreshing and calming. I feel like it helps me to  think more clearly and it quenches my thirst. It also helps me to be more focused. There is definitely a noticeable difference when I’m not drinking enough! I seem to have more energy when I drink plenty of water throughout the day. Often I’ll put a pitcher in the fridge with cucumber slices in it. Or I’ll squeeze some lemon or lime into a glass. I always get water at restaurants, too. Gotta get those 8 glasses in. And I always keep a bottle of water with me to sip on throughout the day.

What about you? Do you like water? Or do you have a more sophisticated palate than me? 😄

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  1. I like anything drinkable lol. I’ve tried most tap waters, spring waters, purified waters, sparkling waters, swimming pool waters by accident 🏊, energy drinks, sodas, seltzers, ales, beers, liquors…I’m active and i agree about hydration. I could literally describe everything I drank. My veins have fire, blood, water, alcohol and vitamins for weeks running through them. I wouldn’t switch a thing lol.

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