What Were We Thinking??

Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on.

We were quite ambitious with these two DIY projects. Being longtime DIYers we decided we’d rather replace our roof ourselves than pay someone else A LOT to do it. My daddy and our son helped. We had already replaced the roof on our first house, but it was a small, one story ranch so that was a lot different.

Good thing none of us were afraid of heights! šŸ¤£
The contemporary style house was nice because we were able to work on one section at a time.
The last section!

As if the roof wasn’t bad enough, the next year we decided we would paint it ourselves, too. It did save a lot of money, no doubt, but both projects took a lot longer than we had anticipated. My husband had purchased a paint sprayer or we wouldn’t have attempted painting the exterior of our house. It was a lifesaver, too. I can’t even imagine painting the whole thing with a brush or roller. šŸ˜³

The tall back was the last side to be done.
Completing the foundation. YeeHaw!

During the process of roofing we lost my mother-in-law. And during the house painting project we lost my daddy. So it was hard times for sure. That, along with working and daily life in general, was the reason for some of our delays.

Now they are both complete and I told my husband that I have officially retired from such difficult projects. šŸ˜„ Maybe when we downsize to something smaller. We’ll see…šŸ¤”

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  1. Your house is beautiful. Iā€™m impressed you took on such huge projects! Congrats on doing such a big job. Iā€™m sorry for the two huge losses in your life while undertaking this DIY. šŸ’–

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