A to Z Blogging Challenge- “V” – Vintage Fabric

Day V! Last month my husband and I went to a local auction for the first time ever. A couple of our friends from school have a business near by and once a month they hold an auction. I enjoy finding diamonds in the rough and selling them online for a profit. It’s a little side gig of mine that I dabble in from time to time. I saw on Facebook that they were having music, food, and an auction one Saturday night so we decided to go. It was a lot of fun and we did pick up some deals, but the fabric is what I was waiting for. I had seen photos of some of the items online and that is what caught my eye.

The fabric didn’t come up until later in the evening. I managed to “win” several bolts. Some of it was newer, but most was vintage. As you can see below, three of the bolts are fabric panels that will be good for quilts or crafts. I looked them up online and they are all going for at least $10 a panel and most of the bolts were full. The rest were just a variety of patterned fabric.

The following pattern is one that I have had in my stash for a long time. I think it is just so sweet and would look really cute made out of some of these fabrics.

I picked two groups that I think will work for the dress and you can see them in the photo below. I would really like some opinions on which three would look the best. If you wouldn’t mind commenting which you prefer, the group on the left or the one on the right, I’d appreciate it. Again, thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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