A to Z Blogging Challenge- “Y” – Yo-Yos

Day Y! Back when I did home health I had a patient who made yo-yo quilts like the one below. I thought it was so cute and decided that I wanted to make one someday.

Credit: Flavio Coelho / Getty Images

Well it’s years later and I have made several yo-yos but I haven’t constructed them into a quilt yet. Some people just sew them together and call it done. Others put a backing on it like a regular quilt. I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I think that I may make a small one as a wall hanging. I probably have enough yo-yos to do that now but I would like to add a bit more variety in the colors. I attempted to make a doll but before I got to the head I decided that I didn’t really like it so he’s been disassembled. You can see from the bottom photo that I made some mini yo-yos that I turned into a bracelet. It’s pretty cute. I also took pictures of the yo-yo makers that I have. They are not hard to make without one, but it’s much more convenient with it. Let me know if you have created yo-yos for any projects. FYI, there are tons of ideas on Pinterest!

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