The Palmetto Trail

The Palmetto Trail is a cross-state path from the coastal area up into the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina. Currently, there are 380 miles, but when completed the trail will total 500 miles. It can be used for hiking and bicycling. We were excited to check out some of the coastal side. I don’t know how much action this trail normally gets but we did not see any other people during our limited time on it.

Bug Spray! I can’t stress enough how important bug spray is here. Our first morning attempt was thwarted by all the bugs coming at us from all directions. See video below. ⬇️

We regrouped, added layers of bug spray, pants instead of shorts for me, a thin jacket-just in case, and returned that evening.

At about a mile & a half into our hike the sky darkened and it began to thunder so we turned around earlier than we had planned. It started raining right as we turned but there was no complaining. Rain=No bugs. So by the time we got back to camp we were pretty much soaked, but I felt rejuvenated. Maybe I looked odd dancing through the campground in the rain, but I didn’t care. That’s just how I roll.

Here’s a fun little video that we made.

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  1. Looks like great fun. What kind of lizard was that in the tree? I watched the video and you guys walk too fast for me, 😆.

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