Special Photographs

What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

As a preteen, I received my first camera and it ignited a passion for photography that has remained with me throughout my life. The photos that I have taken over the years hold a special place in my heart. Each picture captures a moment in time that I want to cherish forever.

As I am striving for a more minimalistic lifestyle, I recently went through my photos and removed the blurry, duplicate, or unnecessary ones. I also sorted them by date. I’ve been contemplating purchasing a photo scanner to transfer all of my photos to the cloud. While this would certainly streamline the storage process, for now, I am content with keeping them safely tucked away in photo storage boxes. But regardless of the storage method I decide on, I will always treasure my photos as a testament to the memories and experiences that have shaped my life.

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  1. We have hard copies of older photos but I have them scanned into the computer as well. I have them stored in the cloud, on a separate, removable backup hard drive and on the computer’s main drive.

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