No Second Guessing

What are you good at?

In my personal life, I pride myself on being decisive and confident in my ability to make decisions. I firmly believe that once a decision has been made, it is important to move forward without second guessing myself. I understand that there may be moments of doubt or uncertainty, but I believe that dwelling on those feelings can lead to indecisiveness and unnecessary stress. Once it’s done, it’s done.

This approach allows me to maintain a sense of confidence in my choices, and move forward with a clear mind. I understand that every decision has its own set of risks and benefits, and I take the time to carefully consider these before making a choice. Ultimately, I believe that this approach fosters personal accountability and helps me to achieve my goals with greater clarity and purpose.

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  1. I take time and try to look at decisions by all angles – a lot of “what ifs”. But once I make up my mind, I want to do it NOW. Not always a good thing…LOL!

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