Oh, The Jobs!

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What jobs have you had?

So many jobs! I have never been one of those people who needed a permanent position somewhere. If I get bored with a job, I will just move onto another one. The security of staying in one place and building up “seniority” has never been something that is important to me. Life is too short to be miserable in a job. Granted, I’ve been lucky enough to have a husband who has consistently worked in the same place forever it seems. This has been a blessing for someone like me.

My first job was in fast food and I hated it. I’ve worked in various types of retail, telemarketing (very briefly), as an office manager, but most of my work has been in healthcare. When I was in high school never would I ever have imagined that I would be a nurse. That was literally the last thing I would have chosen as a career. But, in my mid-twenties I had a friend who convinced me to take a medical terminology & coding class with her. I really enjoyed it.

After the class I got a job as a clerical associate at a local hospital. I just worked on the computer, but I was located at a nurse’s station and being in the center of all that got me more interested in healthcare. Every so often the hospital would offer CNA classes so I decided to take one. I learned basic things and found out that I was good at it. Later I took another class that was offered in venipuncture (drawing blood). I liked that, too. So I transitioned from clerical work to patient care. Then the hospital offered the test to get into LPN school. I took that, did well, and eventually went on to nursing school.

2005 LPN pinning ceremony

Flash forward to now: After working in hospitals, nursing homes, home health, a little bit of travel nursing, and so many offices as a temp it would make your head spin, I work from home reviewing medical records. This is my favorite so far and probably where I will remain for the rest of my nursing career.

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  1. My mother was an R.N. and I thought that was what I would be when I was little. As a senior in high school, I was considering physical therapy but ended up getting married. My jobs prior to my career in IT ranged through time spent waitressing, cashiering, bookkeeping, grapefruit packing, and a receptionist. Once I started working with computers in the early 70s, I was hooked.

  2. Hello, from a fellow RN! Loved reading about your different jobs. I currently work in a doctor’s office and enjoy it. I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare so being an RN works haha.

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