Determined, Goofy, and Creative

Daily writing prompt
How would you describe yourself to someone?

I consider myself to be a highly motivated chick, who is committed to achieving my goals with determination and hard work. I am reliable and dependable, and take pride in being someone that others can count on. On the flip side, I enjoy having fun and am known to be a bit of a goofball among my closest friends and family. I like to keep those around me entertained and I am always looking for ways to keep people on their toes.

Also, I have always enjoyed DIY projects and I am thrilled to be taking on my biggest challenge yet; completely renovating a house. While I KNOW that this project will require a significant amount of time and effort, I am eager to transform the space into something that perfectly reflects our vision and style. It will be so fun to make everything just how we see it in our minds. I am confident that with determination we will be able to successfully complete this project and create a home that we can truly be proud of.

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