My Top 30

Daily writing prompt
List 30 things that make you happy.

30 Things that make me happy in no particular order:

  1. natural bodies of water
  2. family
  3. a friend calling to check on me
  4. successful diy projects
  5. smoothies
  6. meditation
  7. yoga
  8. being able to work from home
  9. minimalism
  10. travel
  11. photographs
  12. surprising people
  13. hiking
  14. easy, few ingredient recipes
  15. swimming
  16. camping
  17. my dog
  18. reading
  19. walking
  20. Dance Central
  21. home decor
  22. currently watching Blue Bloods & The West Wing
  23. reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond
  24. my inversion table
  25. essential oils
  26. houseplants
  27. seafood
  28. swinging on the deck
  29. laying in front of a fireplace
  30. planning vacations

I’m sure that more things will come to mind AS SOON as I post this, but this is it for now. 🙃

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