The Power of Redecoration

I imagine that I’m not alone in saying that I have a natural inclination towards change and progress. Redecorating is a transformative process that seems to breathe new life into my living spaces and it often feels exhilarating. No other feeling quite compares to the sense of renewal that it brings. When I add some, often much needed, decluttering to the mix it provides a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of purpose. I am able to feel positive energy and a renewed sense of hope. A fresh coat of paint, a new piece of furniture, or simply rearranging existing items can have an immense impact on my life. There is a certain sense of excitement and joy that comes with the process of creating a new environment. Redecorating is a wonderful way to revitalize our surroundings and reinvigorate our spirits. I’d bet you agree with me!

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Written for: Nortina’s Morning Inspiration: Writing Prompt No. 292


  1. The power of redecorating of the house actually works wonders.. I tried this in 2018 where I changed the entire look of my house.. Minimalistic things that not only created space but also made way to breathe fresh.. The LED lights now combined with soft music on the home theatre gives me so much peace..I tried to make my home a happy and peaceful place.. Please go with whatever ideas you have in your mind and trust me you will have a overwhelming feeling in the end ❤❤❤

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