Dear John, You Suck

I hope this letter finds you well, but not really. I highly doubt it anyway considering your recent behavior. I must confess, I have never met someone so skilled at being a jerk. Your ability to make people feel uncomfortable and awkward is truly impressive. I can’t help but think of the one thing that pushed me over the edge in our relationship. How could you make fun of my name? You know I was named after my great, great, great grandmother’s best friend’s cousin once removed! Doesn’t that mean anything anymore? It’s a family tradition, a legacy that I was proud to carry on. But for you to mock it, well, that just shows me that we’re not on the same page. I wish you the worst in your future endeavors, although I suggest considering a career in stand-up comedy since you clearly have a talent for making people laugh (at the expense of others). So, basically, you suck! Goodbye, sayonara, ciao, adios, farewell, and get lost. May your next relationship be more successful and less sucky. Oh how I pity that girl. Good luck to you, and remember, even the best of us suck sometimes, but not as much as you…

This is written for: Nortina’s Morning Inspiration: Writing Prompt No. 294

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  1. That’s not cool. It’s never okay to make fun of someone’s name. Byeee, John! Hope you find your dad…

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