The Dream

Sheena had been working very hard lately and was starting to feel overwhelmed with it all. She had so many projects going and didn’t feel like she could do any of them well. After struggling through the day she finally fell into bed exhausted and deflated. She quickly dozed off into what became a restless slumber complete with tossing and turning.

In the wee hours of the morning, Sheena suddenly awoke from a dream feeling very rattled. She sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes, trying to shake off the uncomfortable feeling. She had been walking down a path, but the more she walked, the narrower the path became. She had felt trapped and scared, wondering if she would ever be able to escape.

Wondering at its possible meanings she thought, “Was it a sign that I am heading down the wrong path in life?” Or “Was it a warning that I need to change my ways before it is too late?”

She tried to brush it off and get ready for the day ahead. Throughout the day, however, Sheena’s mind kept wandering back to her dream. She couldn’t shake the feeling that it was important and she knew she needed to pay attention to it and try to figure out its meaning. That night, Sheena went to bed early, hoping that she would have more clarity in her dream.

Once again, Sheena found herself walking down the narrow path. This time, she felt a sense of urgency. She knew that she had to keep moving forward, despite the path’s dwindling size. As she approached the end of the path, a bright light appeared before her, and she felt a sense of peace and clarity.

This time Sheena woke up comforted, realizing that her dream was a wake up call trying to tell her to keep moving forward. She now felt renewed, energized, and ready to proceed with a positive attitude. Going forward, she realized that her attitude meant more than she would have ever thought before her dream. Now she approached her projects with a fresh perspective, knowing that she could tackle anything. And guess what? She could!

Written for: Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Narrow

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