Halloween Stories – Day 1 – Abandoned Asylum

I just found this post by ladyerynn called: Ten spooky writing prompts for Halloween. There are only 7 days left until Halloween so I will pick a few favorites and go from there. I’m combining it with Fandango’s 120th story starter.

For this story I used Prompt # 8: You’re spending the night in a haunted asylum, only to wake up as one of the patients.

It was a typical Friday night for Jessi and her friends, who were always on the lookout for the next adrenaline rush. This time they decided to take on a challenge that would push their boundaries to the limit. There was an abandoned asylum on the outskirts of town rumored to be haunted, and they couldn’t resist the temptation to explore its creepy corridors.

Standing in front of the imposing building, their hearts raced with anticipation. The moon cast an eerie glow on the decaying walls, heightening their excitement. With cautious steps, they entered the asylum, feeling the weight of history bearing down upon them. The air was thick with a sense of foreboding, but they brushed it off, attributing it to their overactive imaginations.

Roaming through the dark halls, their flashlights barely illuminated the path before them. Laughter echoed through the empty rooms as they shared ghost stories. Figuring there was safety in numbers, they ventured deeper into the asylum. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until they stumbled upon a hidden room.

Curiosity got the better of them, and they dared Jessi to spend the night alone in that ominous chamber. It was meant to be a harmless prank, a joke to spice up their adventure. Jessi, always eager to prove herself, agreed with a nervous smile. The door creaked shut behind her, sealing her fate.

The night passed slowly, the silence broken only by the sound of distant footsteps and echoes of tortured souls. Jessi tried to remain calm, but her heart quickened as the darkness seemed to devour her spirit. She tried to shake off her fear, reminding herself it was just a game.

But when dawn broke and the room was unlocked, Jessi’s relief quickly turned to horror. As she stepped out into the light, she was greeted by the familiar faces of her friends, but something was terribly wrong. Their eyes no longer held the spark of life, their laughter had turned into deranged cackles, and their once vibrant personalities were replaced by haunting emptiness.

Jessi’s screams echoed through the asylum, her friends’ eerie laughter ringing in her ears. She tried to escape, but the asylum had claimed her as its own. She was now one of the patients, forever trapped in a realm between the living and the dead.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and Jessi’s sanity slowly slipped away. She roamed the halls aimlessly, her spirit consumed by the same darkness that permeated the asylum. She yearned for release, but the asylum was an insidious prison, trapping her soul in eternal torment.

The ghostly tales of the haunted asylum would persist, a warning to those who dared to venture too far into the realm of the unknown. And Jessi, once full of life and laughter, would forever serve as a reminder that some dares were never meant to be taken lightly.

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