Mamma Mia, Let’s Workout

I love walking and hiking, any outdoor movement really. Sometimes, though, the weather doesn’t cooperate or I only have a few minutes here and there. One day I was scrolling through YouTube and found the following video. ⬇️

Improved Health the channel on YouTube that I’ve recently started exercising with. It has my favorite indoor workouts. Because I love 70s & 80s music, the above Abba one really gets me moving. They have a wide variety of low impact workouts, even sitting ones for seniors or other people with balance/coordination issues. You should check it out!

What’s your favorite way to exercise?

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  1. The sitting workouts sound great. I’ll check them out. I can’t exercise on my own because of my cerebral palsy and hydrcephalus as well as visual impairments. I’m searching for wheelchair workouts and have cut salt, sugar and saturated fats from my diet and have lost a good amount of weight since April.

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