Put Me In A Gondola, Please

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose Venice, Italy. There is something magical about this floating city that captivates my heart. In case you didn’t know, Venice is a city located in the middle of a shallow lagoon in the northeast of Italy. Most of the people travel by foot or in boats.

I can only assume that the absence of cars and the prevalence of gondolas and water taxis make it a unique and charming place to live. Can’t you just imagine waking up every morning to the sound of water lapping against the boats, and the gentle swaying of the gondolas passing by your window. It sounds dreamy to me. I feel drawn to the city’s romantic atmosphere and the feeling of stepping back in time. The art, music, and delicious cuisine also adds to the allure of living there.

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  1. It is such a captivating thought, to think of living there. Somehow, I just expect it to be more peaceful, serene. Definitely a bucket list place to visit!

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