Japanese Knot Purse

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One day I was scrolling through Pinterest (I do this literally EVERY SINGLE DAY) and I saw picture of a Japanese knot purse. I looked for a bit but didn’t find a pattern that I liked. Most of them were for a wristlet sized bag. I like having something that I can put on my shoulder. So I pondered it for a while and decided to try to make my own.
I wanted to make it reversible so I picked out to coordinating fabrics.
I didn’t have enough brown craft paper to make a pattern and, since I am practicing social distancing due to Corona, I had to adapt.
MeRrY ChRiStMaS in March!
These are the dimensions that my little mind created. 😀
I ironed the fabric and folded both pieces with right sides together. I then cut out 2 pieces of each fabric. One for the outside and one for the lining. Pin the 2 pieces for the outside fabric together and do the same for the lining fabric.
Stitch around the outside of the purse body, but not the handles. Then stitch the 3 1/2″ tops of the handles. Do this for both fabrics. Turn the lining fabric so that the right side is out and slip it into the other piece. The right sides should be together. Pin and sew the 2 pieces together where the opening (neck) of the purse is. Turn the purse inside out though the opening in the handles and push the lining inside the bag. Iron well and turn in the handle edges and iron and pin them.
Top stitch the handle and the opening (neck) of the bag. This will seal the lining and outside pieces of the handles together and give it a nice finished look.
Finished side one.
Finished side two.
Slide the long strap though the short one. TA DA! I love it!
Stay in and stay safe!


  1. This is a great diy. I would love to make some to use as resuable bags for grocceries. I would sew by hand , but I’m not that good. Eventually, I do plan on investing in a sewing machine that’s inexpensive, any suggestions?

    • My sewing machine is a Singer & my embroidery maching is a Brother. I would choose either brand for a starter machine. They are probably going to have the least expensive machines and they work well. If you can find an older Singer in good shape those things are real workhorses. More metal than plastic and really sturdy. Good luck.

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