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Fleece No-Slip Hanger Covers

I love these hanger covers. They keep my clothes from sliding off the hanger very well! This is such a fast and easy sewing project. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can still make these by hand. It just calls for 1 small seam on each side.
This is the pattern I made for the covers. It should be 3″ tall. The width doesn’t really matter as long as you have the dimensions for the corners on one side.
Your fabric piece should be 6″ x 17″. This will fit a standard plastic hanger.
I’ve had this fabric since Hancock Fabrics went out of business. I thought it was time that I used it so I made some hanger covers for my Mother.
Fold the fabric with the main side of the fleece folded in on itself. Place the pattern on the fold on each end of the fabric and cut the corners.
It should look like this.
This picture shows the seam on one end. Simple.
After sewing both ends, turn it to the right side. Now cut a teeny, tiny hole in the very center. The fleece will stretch so it doesn’t need to be big at all.
Lastly, slide the cover over the top of the hanger and pull the ends down onto each end of the hanger. All done. You will love these!
Let me know if you try it!

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