2 Shirts = 1 dress

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I love making things out of t-shirts! I usually pick up a variety of colors and sizes at the end of the season on clearance or when Michael’s puts them on sale for $2.00 each. I LOVE A GOOD BARGAIN! Thrift stores sometimes have some cool shirts, too.

Pick out two t-shirts, one in your regular size and one that is two or three sized larger. I used a small and an extra large. You can make them match or pick out coordinating colors/prints.
Measure from your shoulder to your waist to see where to cut the small shirt. Add 1/4″ to 1/2″ to that number for your seam allowance. Cut the bigger shirt just under the arms. This will be the skirt of the dress. If you want a shorter skirt just cut it further down.
Sew a basting stitch on the XL t-shirt to be able to gather the fabric. For a basting stitch set my sewing machine thread to a longer length. Don’t back stitch at the beginning or end as the thread needs to be loose in order to gather the fabric. Sew around the entire circle until the stitches meet but don’t overlap them. Leave long threads at both ends. Pull the bobbin thread to gather the fabric. This will make the top of the skirt
Gather the fabric slowly and carefully to avoid breaking the thread.
Lay the top T shirt on a flat surface and place the skirt (inside out and upside down) on top all the way around the top. Adjust the gathers so they are evenly spaced all around and pin to the top.
Sew your skirt to your T shirt. With a zigzag stitch to allow the fabric some stretch. Turn the dress right side out.
For decoration I decided to embroider butterflies on the top and the bottom of my dress. You could add other embellishments or just leave it plain.
The finished dress.
TaDa! Jewelry is courtesy of My Paparazzi Accessories Site (Shameless plug)

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