Knit poncho

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Hi. I’m a sucker for ponchos. I have a lot of knit fabrics in my stash so I started thinking up ways to use it. I mean, that way I can justify buying more, right?? 😉 I settled on 3 coordinating fabrics in various gray prints. has a large selection of over 4200 knit fabrics! If you’re looking for some you should definitely check there.

I cut 2 pieces in squares measuring 18″ x 24″. The 3rd one was cut 12″ x 18″.
After cutting I ironed all 3 pieces.
Next I sewed the 2 larger pieces together on one of the 18″ ends.
Fold your 18″ x 12″ piece so that it’s 18″ x 6″. Pin one 18″ side to the bottom of one of the larger rectangles (not the ends that were sewed together) with like sides together. Sew together and flip so that you can pin and sew the other 18″ side to the bottom of the other 24″ side.
This is how the fabric goes together in the above step. I hope that makes sense. Since the knit fabrics won’t fray hemming is unnecessary, but you can still hem it if you wish.
Again, since the knit fabric won’t fray, you can just take scissors and cut small holes for the tassels. I spaced mine about 1 & 1/2 inches apart but you can space them however you want.
I cut strips for the tassels from the leftover fabric. Mine were around 6 inches long but, again, this is a personal preference.
Fold your tassel strips in half. Push the center through the hole. Take the 2 ends around the bottom of your poncho and push them through the loop and pull to tighten.
I like this side for the front but the front and back are symmetrical so it can be worn either way.
The other side.

Share pictures of your projects if you try this. Happy Crafting!

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