April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 10, fun, Fun, FUN scarf project!

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Today I have a SUPER easy and fun scarf project. I put this together while watching t.v. last night. You only need some knit fabric, scissors, a ruler of some kind, and your hands. I made this out of scraps from other t-shirt projects that I have done. (I have another project in mind for some of the leftover seams). Then all that will be left is tiny pieces that will go in my scrap basket to use to stuff pillows. No waste! 👍

These were leftover from t-shirt dresses that I recently made. You can see one here: 2 shirts = 1 dress
I cut the seam off the bottom of another t-shirt but it wasn’t as long as I wanted so I cut the hem off one of my sleeves and sewed them together. (This was the only sewing in this project. It could also have been tied together). Tie a knot on each end.
Start cutting strips 6″ or 7″ long and 1″ wide. Stretch each piece so they will curl.

This is such a fun scarf. It’s lightweight and perfect for summer. Mix any combination of colors and prints or just make a solid one. This is a great use of old shirts or fabric scraps that you didn’t have a plan for. It’s also a fun crafty project to do with kids.

I hope you try this. If you do please share pictures. Stay safe!


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