April Challenge – A Month of Photos & Reflections: Day 20, My favorite FREE beginner spinning classes on YouTube

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I’m thankful that we got an exercise bike before COVID 19 arrived. It’s been getting more use by my husband and myself during the past couple of months. I still get out and walk when I can but mosquitos are making that a challenge (See that post here).

Raise your hand if you’re intimidated by spin classes at the gym 🙋. Those people are die hard! I’m pretty active but spinning is a whole different ballgame. I began searching YouTube for some beginner friendly classes and came up with a good variety. I’m sharing those with you today. I focused on one of these each day for 5 days. None of them are too long but you will still feel very good about yourself after completing any of these.

Day 1: Beginner indoor cycling workout at Ideal World TV This workout is led by fitness trainer Tim Britton. It’s a beginner workout that is less than 11 minutes. This includes warm- up and cool-down. It’s a great workout to start with if your new to spinning or just haven’t been active for a while.

Day 2: Athlean-XX for women 20 minute workout hosted by Amy Jo. This workout has 3 phases that includes hills, sprints, and active recovery. You will increase in levels from 1-10. This was a challenging workout for me but I felt good afterward.

Day 3: Studio SWEAT This workout is also 20 minutes long. It is a video of part of Brian’s half hour of power class, but it was plenty for me. This one really kicked my butt! I made it to the end but I had my doubts the last few minutes. This has been the roughest so far but I really feel good that I accomplished it.

Day 4: Cycling Cinema Kristian hosts this short 10 minute workout. It got my heart rate up but it didn’t have as much variety as some of the others. The first 5 minutes were just spent riding at a steady pace. Great for those just starting to spin.

Day 5: Fitscope Studio This workout is 20 minutes long. This host is named Vanessa and she is very positive and inspirational. She goes through all the basic positions and also simulates riding hills as well as flat surfaces. This class pushed me and I loved it.

So that’s it. Committing myself to complete these 5 workouts pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I did it. I now I have some new workouts to add variety to my spins. I hope this information is helpful.

Stay safe!

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